Our Education Product

Pi Teach will offer users thousands of free educational videos from kinder garden to Post graduate level along with Vocational videos. These will be offered using our proprietary compression technology and video management system which is tailored to deployment in a lower bandwidth, developing infrastructure environment.

Along with free videos, we are offering both free and paid structured courses to users through the integration of the most widely used learning management system – Moodle.

Pi Pakistan through its portal is focusing on the following areas of digital education;

Traditional E-learning (MOOCS)

A student centered learning platform that delivers online video content to students without requiring students and teachers to be at the same place or at the same time. Patrons such as Dr Atta Ur Rehman ex chairman HEC, Dr Zaffar Iqbal – VC Federal Urdu University, Dr Iqbal Chaudry – director International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences have signed with Pi Pakistan to provide online courses from Kindergarten all the way to higher education. The unique feature of our approach is to INTEGRATE ALL courses available in Coursera, MIT Open Corseware, Udacity, Khan Academy, Virtual University courses, according to disciplines and levels, so that one need not go to different MOOCs to have access in search of the desired material. It is our aim to continue translating this material to provide localized content in multiple languages such as Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi or Pashto.

Digital Story telling / Flipped Classrooms

PI Pakistan has been working with its education partners to create Pakistan specific education content. We are currently developing in house localized, interactive education video material in both Urdu and English which follows the relevant local syllabus from Classes through K to 12.

Learning can take place at home through individualized videos that can be paused or replayed many times to suit a child’s learning speed. Lessons are made into fun interactive stories that provide a unique learning experience. The material can be viewed anywhere and classrooms can be used for assessments through tests or quizzes.

Virtual interactive Classrooms

Pi Pakistan has developed and integrated a video streaming platform with state of the art features including adoptive bit rate (ABR) and DVR functions. Our web based platform can run on both private and public clouds. This is being used by clients to create and transmit live virtual classrooms between teachers and their students. Students can chat, e-mail or text their teacher or each other live to improve the learning experience.

Our streaming technology enables video streaming on any platform and even at very low internet speeds. Students can view apps on their phones, tablets or on the computer so they can access videos or live lectures anytime and on any medium.

Learning Management System (Moodle)

We have integrated a fully functional content management system along with the number one learning management system. This system can allow teachers to use all the available resources to create lessons or courses and make them available to their students. Progress monitoring, exercise or exam creating can occur through this system. Promotes a social constructionist pedagogy (collaboration, activities, critical reflection, etc.). Suitable for 100% online classes as well as supplementing face-to-face learning. Full database abstraction supports all major brands of database (except for initial table definition). Course listing shows descriptions for every course on the server, including accessibility to guests.


We are developing Interactive learning games that make learning fun. Students can play fun games including physics, general learning or math based games in any language.

Adaptive learning systems

User feedback is taken based on their performance on games or quizzies. This information is used to ascertain which areas a student is weak or strong in. The data is stored and then processed within the system. Based on the results, if the system feels the user is weak in certain areas or subjects, it automatically recommends further learning based on weak areas. Further learning and examination are then re tested based on weaker areas and the progress of each individual user can be monitored.


Localized Urdu and English based E-books, text books and exercises or exams are being uploaded using OCR based scanning technology. These will be made available as a free resource for students and teachers.