Wasim Akram

Monday, May 25, 2015 - Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. The picture of educational condition is grim in Pakistan. All the urban areas of Pakistan are replete with developed institutes, universities but in spite of this, most of the citizens seem to be unemployedThe situation is also especially alarming in rural areas due to social and culturalobstaclesGirls of rural areas are facing a number of problems regarding their studies. 

There are several issues and causes of education problems for girls in rural areas of Pakistan. Inaccessibility of education inPakistan, especially in backward areas is a result of distance, child labour, scarcity of teachers, local leaders, frequent policy changes and fear of losing power. In KPK and Baluchistan women are severely bound by cultural constraints and prejudices. Women who constitute the 51% on the country population have been forced to just bear children for their husbands and remain within their houses. 

In Baluchistan, female literacy rate stands between 15 to 25%. In backward areas, girls schools are far away from their homes; many families cannot afford travelling expenses for their children. Separate schools for girls are not available. Girls are living under the fear of extremist elements. In KPK militant groups have blasted thousands of schools because they are against women education; they have threatened time and again, the governments and private girls school for stopping girls education. 

Parents favour the education of their sons over their daughters because they think that boys are the future earning hands of their family while girls’ education is not necessarily desirable. Owing to all these circumstances, women are lagging behind and are unaware about the fact that they can also play an important role in the development of the country. I want to appeal to the government to take some solid steps toward this issue because Pakistan cannot progress without the education of women.

—Mandi Bahauddin


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